“It is thanks Catching Dreams LLC and Captain Ned Librock that we are able to continue Carly’s legacy, providing hope and an extra dose of happiness to children and teens diagnosed with cancer. Our partnership with Catching Dreams LLC is one more outlet to ensure our pediatric cancer patients and their families will never have to face cancer alone.”

“I loved my fishing trip. After it I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It really helped reduce my stress and anxiety.”

“Our son stated after his trip numerous times how much fun he had and how much he wished he could fish all the time. You gave him a day to feel normal, to relax and be completely carefree and to learn and experience something our family would not otherwise be able to provide for him. You are so appreciated!”

“This was one of the best experiences we’ve had. Everybody enjoyed fishing, it was exciting. It was beautiful to be on the water. I do take the boys fishing but we always fish off land. The experience of being out on the water was a bonus and Ned is an awesome captain, helpful and also good at allowing the children to do the work they should and can do by themselves.”

“My son’s time with Captain Ned, his father and grandfather have been very therapeutic for him. The fishing is great and the time spent is always serene and enjoyable.  We truly appreciate Captain Ned for helping our son get through a difficult time in his life. We need more people like Captain Ned in the world.”